High protein diets: Do they work?

High protein diets: Do they work?

Amino acids are building blocks of proteins and proteins are building blocks of our body. A protein diet promises high energy and lean body. Human beings are using protein since they invaded planet earth but, the hype of protein diet is a thing of the present era.The hype that affected every self-conscious person and transformed the way of eating for thousands. Butare the proteins worth as meal replacements? Or Do they change everything positively?

  1. Who are You?

The first thing to know before planning to change your diet is who are you? Or in simple words, what is your routine? If you are an athlete, you need a different diet than the ones who only exercise in promotional events. If you enjoy laying on your couch and watching TV after 8 hours of office sitting than morning eggs and one or two flavored protein bars are enough for your daily protein needs.  You will need more if you want to lose weight.

Athletes do need more proteins in their diet and protein drinks as post workout accessories. A balanced diet is enough for constant performance. But if you do not have time and need an instant boost of energy than protein supplements can help you.

  1. If You Decided to Lose Weight?

Keto diet is an important part of the protein hype. In keto diet, extra fat is burned down by shifting to whole protein diet that makes the body low in carb hence low in the water. The final step of the stated mechanism is the ketosis or self-help of cells to get energy from stored fat. The keto diet cut the carbohydrates completely thus, have some side effects.

Not onlyis it effective in weight loss, but it can damage the liver and can make you carb deficient. So, look for a proper diet.

  1. A Proper Diet

The definition of a proper diet depends largely on your lifestyle and activities. For more active ones natural as well as some synthetic boosters like the protein powders or supplements are proper diet. And for less active ones or sitterssmall quantities of every essential are enough and necessary. Your dietician is the only person that can help you manage a proper diet plan.

Let’s come to the conclusion! That is nothing can be concluded. Every person is different so does his/her needs that’s why don’t follow trends blindly.

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